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protection circle

wool fleece, canvas, audience participation

48 x 48 in


   I invited artists and non artists from many communities to join me in felting a large scale textile evil eye. Each participant was taught the process of wet felting, if they do not already know, and were instructed to create a small felted balls. We collaboratively created the necessary balls to complete the approximately four foot evil eye. Which was then attached to a canvas and remained after we have all parted ways.

   This project explored performance, participatory, and object based art. All the while creating and supplying a safe space for people to come together and heal. This project explores the relationship between individual and the community, and the intersections of our experiences and lives.

   With this performance, I hoped to encourage and find community and healing. To explore the medium of textiles as a performative assist. To work out charged emotions of isolation relating to marginalized experiences.This project was intended to provide a space in which we exist in solidarity and work on a project such as this as a way of pushing back on a society that would have us divided by our differences.

   Part performance and part workshop, this project is one of protection, community, and vigilance. Together, we actively challenged the “mal de ojo” that has been cast upon our communities."

photos courtesy of Brian Medina


This project was generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council. 

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