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   No Hay Lugar is a physical manifestation and exploration of memory, home, and personal histories. This piece is a way to explore my personal and familial memories of immigration. No Hay Lugar attempts to identify home while also focusing on personal displacement and diaspora. This piece is a recollection and cataloguing of the move from Venezuela to Canada in 1993 from the lens of my 3 year old self. I use animation to highlight the naiveté and simplicity that my memories have maintained.

   Realistically, this immigration story is just one of many in the Canadian narrative. By making this piece, I hope can shed light and share what sacrifices immigrants and landed residents make when they leave their home countries. The making of this piece was made in response to the passing of Bill C-24 in Summer 2015. Which felt like an undermining of the sacrifices my mother, and people like her went through.

   No Hay Lugar is a combination of hand drawn stop motion animation and a large-scale installation of woven textiles. This piece uses textiles as the deconstruction of an historic storytelling medium—for example woven tapestries, merging with the contemporary storytelling medium of video.


 Photo documentation done by Jordan Blackburn

Video documentation done by Raghed Charabaty 

cotton woven panels

digital projection



no hay lugar
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