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cotton thread

6 x 4 x 6ft


                                  “Hundreds of butterflies flitted in and out of sight like short-lived punctuation                                             marks in a stream of consciousness without beginning or end.”

                                                                                                   – Haruki Murakami

   Emergence I is a physical manifestation of a journey, the passage of time and the transience of existence. None can exist without the others; time passes and marks the journey. But the journey may only exist, and time can only move forward when both are acknowledged. Butterflies are commonly featured in symbology and mythology: as the human soul, as spiritual growth, and rebirth. Their destination is unknown but their purpose is simple. Onwards.

   This piece was made using dissolvable fabric, thread and an overworked sewing machine. Each butterfly is unique in colour palette and pattern; built up from line made solid through a constant machine-embroidered process.

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